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The Health & Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 requires of a PCBU, that air monitoring be undertaken for Class A removal works by an independent licensed asbestos assessor and ensure that a competent person carries out air monitoring of the work area where asbestos-related work is being carried out if there is uncertainty as to whether the airborne contamination standard for asbestos is likely to be exceeded.

This means that for all asbestos removal works it is recommended air monitoring be undertaken to ensure that the airborne contamination standard is not exceeded.


Envirotech offers cost-effective and efficient air monitoring. Whether you need reassurance the enclosure that has been setup isn’t leaking or if you want to validate your safe working practices, we can keep you covered.

We are proud to offer clients the option of on-site filter analysis (power permitting) to allow for a quicker turnaround on enclosures.

Our team members possess BOHS P403 certification in Asbestos Fibre Counting, which demonstrates competency and a reassurance that when we analyse the filter – we get it right.

If you have a project coming up

that requires a competent and efficient air monitoring team, get in touch.